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Early Access


Pyrkon 2024 & Team Integration

With Hotel Galactic’s world announcement and Blockbuster Inc.’s full release we had a pretty busy start of the month, and we quickly followed it up with […]

Welcome to Hotel Galactic!


3… 2… 1… Blockbuster Inc. Is Available Now!


Ancient Forge 5th Anniversary!


Blockbuster Inc. & The Constructors at Future Games Show 2024

This year Ancient Forge has had two of its upcoming titles featured in the Future Games Show! Make a big round of applause and tune in […]

The Tenants 1.0 Is Here!

The Early Access felt more like a decade than the actual 1.5 years it was, but here we are finally, at the official Full Release of […]

The Tenants – First Year of Early Access

It’s surely been a busy year for our team at Ancient Forge Studio, and the fact that we’re launching our blog just now should be evidence […]
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